We will start to collect and discuss project proposals in this forum. If you have a good idea that would be beneficial for our community please open a post and start the discussion. We will soon provide more details how the process outlined in our concept paper will work in detail.

Event participation

-It will cover the event, take photos, videos -Promote the ARK as much as possible, trying connecti...

Estimated Work Hours
Funding - Status
180 USD - Under Review

Meetup São Paulo ARK

Talking to some members I've partnered with https://www.meetup.com/en/bitcoinsaopaulo/ to palestar o...

Estimated Work Hours
Funding - Status
400 USD - Completed

ARK in numbers – starting the series

Hi ACF, this proposal aims to support my currently started series »ARK in numbers«. I've developed a...

Estimated Work Hours
Funding - Status
444 USD - Rejected