We will start to collect and discuss project proposals in this forum. If you have a good idea that would be beneficial for our community please open a post and start the discussion. We will soon provide more details how the process outlined in our concept paper will work in detail.

Ark Directory Website (resubmission)

It was suggested on the r/ArkEcosystem subreddit that I resubmit my original proposal for the Ark Di...

Estimated Work Hours
Funding - Status
1200 USD - Approved

Transaction Visualizer

People are often searching through classic explorers to see who one particular wallet is exchanging...

Estimated Work Hours
Funding - Status
1200 USD - Under Review

Meetup Brasil ARK

Hello, and I live in Brazil, our Brazilian crypto community has been growing a lot, it is even bigge...

Estimated Work Hours
Funding - Status
200 USD - Approved