We will start to collect and discuss project proposals in this forum. If you have a good idea that would be beneficial for our community please open a post and start the discussion. We will soon provide more details how the process outlined in our concept paper will work in detail.

ACF Infographic

This is an updated version of my previous proposal. After having a chat with the community on slack...

Estimated Work Hours
Funding - Status
200 USD - Under Review

DPOS explainer video

One of the lynch pins (and also one of the more complex aspects) of the ARK Ecosystem is DPOS. It ca...

Estimated Work Hours
Funding - Status
4000 USD - Under Review

Ark Core v2 Devnet

We're going to use the $120 to spin up 3-4 genesis nodes for 2 months for a new v2-only devnet since...

Estimated Work Hours
Funding - Status
120 USD - Approved