We will start to collect and discuss project proposals in this forum. If you have a good idea that would be beneficial for our community please open a post and start the discussion. We will soon provide more details how the process outlined in our concept paper will work in detail.

First Meet-Up in Africa in Harare

The idea of this proposal is to start the growth of Ark in Harare Zimbabwe, starting specifically in...

Estimated Work Hours
Funding - Status
170 USD - Rejected

Transaction Visualizer

People are often searching through classic explorers to see who one particular wallet is exchanging...

Estimated Work Hours
Funding - Status
1200 USD - Under Review

Real ARK faucet

Earlier this year, Moon (biz_network) and I constructed a real life faucet to bring to the ARK NYC e...

Estimated Work Hours
Funding - Status
350 USD - Rejected