xbridge - ecosystem of tools for ark based blockchains

Wed, Dec 15, 2021 5:08 AM | 0 Development - Infrastructure Submitted by Federico Leite
Estimated Work Hours
65000 USD
Under Review

xbridge is a unified ecosystem of tools and services for the ark based blockchains, including but not limited to:

- xbridge.sh
(home page of below services)

- delegates.sh
(open source delegate navigator for ALL ark based blockchains for delegates, rewards and voting calculators)

- explorer.sh // this project is already live and an example of the theme and brand we are going to follow.
(open source explorer for all ark based blockchains)

- launchpad.sh
(a decentralized launchpad for ark-based blockchains to present and promote ark projects and slp projects)

- crosschain.sh
(a decentralized exchange for blockchains using ark core with additional blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Solana)

- armor.sh
(a decentralized ark-based browser wallet with core-slp features and ledger support, similar to Metamask)



- 35.000 USD before starting the project
- 10.000 USD at full release of launchpad.sh and delegates.sh
- 10.000 USD at full release of armor.sh
- 10.000 USD at full release of crosschain.sh

The funds will be used to hire 2 developers from several successful Binance Smart Chain projects.
These developers will be working full time for the next 4 months to launch these products for the Ark Ecosystem.

Cost-benefit analysis

Implementing these tools for the Ark Ecosystem will allow new bridgechains or SLP contracts to kickstart directly on a launchpad and use a metamask style wallet to trade on a decentralized exchange with a similar experience to pancakeswap or uniswap.

The best of all is that it's fully decentralized. Any bridgechain or SLP contract is able to connect to the exchange without any 3rd party interacting.
There will be a bridge to connect other non-ark based blockchains.



We aim to focus on a design that will be neutral to other projects and the code will be mostly written in clean and understandable typescript to encourage external developers to contribute on the ecosystem.


The source code will be tested by us and an alpha version will be available for delegates and community members before the full release.

Launch Plan

We aim to launch the products in the following order in the next 4 to 6 months:

- Explorer.sh (available and open source within 2 weeks from now)
- Launchpad.sh (End of January)
- Delegates.sh (End of January)
- Armor.sh (End of February, begin March)
- Crosschain.sh (End of May)

All these products will be opensource and licensed under GPLv3.

Support & Maintenance

Upon release, support and maintenance will be continuously provided for at least 3 years.

Additional Information

Community Feedback

The idea to build this ecosystem came mostly from gathering feedback from the Ark community but also from several potential end-users that were interested to launch their product using Ark instead of BSC.