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Sun, Oct 28, 2018 11:33 AM | 6 Development - Software Submitted by Julien Wendling
Estimated Work Hours
1200 USD

People are often searching through classic explorers to see who one particular wallet is exchanging with and trying to identify different kind of things/patterns by going from wallet to wallet. It is not intuitive and can be complex and take a lot of time to do depending of what they are searching for.

The tool I would like to develop would allow to visualize transactions in two dimensions displaying a graph, graph looking like this: http://visjs.org/examples/network/nodeStyles/groups.html. This would allow to visualize transactions and to very quickly understand how wallets are exchanging coins.

This new tool will allow to do these things in an easy, intuitive and fun way. It enables to easily identify patterns like for example seeing that a lot of money is going to exchanges wallets and predict a lot of people are going to sell their coins soon. Or that some people are testing the network by doing micro transactions between them, maybe preparing an attack. Or discover that 200 people already used your new faucet and that 50 of them already received more than 5 ARK.

I want it to be fun and easy to use. For this I am going to use the library vis.js and personalize it to fit perfectly the need of this project. You can find here the things that can be done with vis.js: http://visjs.org/network_examples.html. And showcase of what has been done with it: http://visjs.org/showcase/index.html.
I am planning in a first version to implement the following:

Graph functions
- 2d “graph” visualization
o Display wallets as nodes
° Change color of node depending if wallet is a delegate or not
o Display transactions with arrows
° Change width of the arrow depending of the volume of the transaction
° Display the number of coins on the arrow
- Ability to move the nodes with the mouse
- Zoom in / zoom out
- Ability to click on a wallet, and adding all wallets associated with it to the graph (helps going from wallet to wallet and see all transactions happening)

Other functions
- By default display the last 100 transactions
- Filter on 100 / 300 / 500 transactions
- Search area to search for: an address, a block, a transaction
o If no search : display the last transactions
- Display new transactions in live

Possible improvements
- Merge transactions: if two wallets did many transactions display one arrow with the sum of them. Then clicking on the arrow display the list of transactions
- Filter to show/hide delegates
- Create links with current explorer
- …

I have many ideas but I think the best is to first develop the basic functions before thinking too far. I like iterative and incremental developments 😊

I could create a new website for this visualizer, but I think the best thing would be to integrate it into explorer.ark.io. For this I would create a new entry into the menu named “Visualizer” (or "explore" ?). It will allow to create links between the current explorer and the visualizer.



It you agree with my idea to integrate the visualizer inside ark.explorer.io, there are no prerequisites.

Cost-benefit analysis

Developing this tool will not take a lot of time because the vis.js library is very easy to use and the ark.explorer.io is already published. It is just new developments on already existing code and platform.
Of course I want to invest some time for having a very nice UI/UX, good performance and unit testing. But it do not require so much effort and can be improved later by the community.

Benefits is an original way of visualizing the transactions on the blockchain that I am sure a lot of users will love.

Very small cost, good benefit. Totally worth it according to me :)



I already have a paper mockup. The design will follow what is already done on ark.explorer.io.


I will use what is implemented on the explorer today and follow the current way of doing. It seems very classic.

Launch Plan

I will do a pull request when done, and will let the team deploy the new version :)

Support & Maintenance

Nothing new for the explorer. I will be available to manage issues on the visualizer.

Additional Information

Community Feedback

I did not engaged with the community about that at the moment. I will when I have an answer to this proposal :)


I already started doing a little bit of dev for Ark this year as you can see on my (not very active) github page https://github.com/trigger67

I really want to be more involved into Ark. I was missing time but now I have a bit more of it, this is why I submit this proposal today :)



There have been no votes for approval yet.


There have been 3 votes for rejection by DustinDry1st, cam, outboard.
DustinDry1st Sat, Nov 3, 2018 4:43 AM

Im not against the idea, it sounds very interesting, however as stewards of Community Funds our job is to spend them on things that benefit the ecosystem and the community and i dont see how this is a value add for the ecosystem

cam Mon, Nov 19, 2018 12:48 PM

I am rejecting this proposal for a few reasons.
The proposer suggests that the visualizer replaces the current explorer in ark.io, which the ACF has no control over. I also inquired with the proposer if he/she contacted the team and if they entertained such an idea. No response.
I also contacted the proposer asking him/her to respond to outstanding comments. No response.
Someone else in the community also built a visualizer similar to what is being suggested.
Due to lack of communications, coding ability proof, and the concept already in work by a community member, I am rejecting for now.

outboard Wed, Dec 19, 2018 8:51 AM

I agree with the reasoning mentioned by my fellow board members. I like the idea, but don't think it's a fit for ACF.

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Tue, Oct 30, 2018 5:33 PM

Do you have code samples? Your github is completely empty of source repos and is just untouched forked repos. I don't see any sample code you have actually written yourself, and your one source repo is called "CodingDojo" with just a README. Do you have proof you can get this done? Additionally, the ACF is not run by ark.io. You would have to convince them to add the visualizer prior to approval.

Wed, Nov 7, 2018 12:02 AM

I agree with Moon, code samples would be nice. I would also like to point out that we don't have control over the ark.io or explorer.ark.io sites. There is a chance that this could be completed and it would not to published to either place, and I'd hate for it to be completed and not used... Have you had correspondence with the team saying they would use something like this?

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