StakingRewardReport plugin

Thu, Nov 25, 2021 6:24 PM | 0 Development - Software Submitted by Panzenbaby
Estimated Work Hours
1000 USD
Under Review

When I did my tax reports, I wanted a simple way to get an overview of all of my received staking rewards. For my bad I didn't find an easy way, therefore I decided to write a litte script to summarize all the Ark I received from the delegates I voted for. Thanks to the public REST API of Ark the work was done pretty fast.

During my research I found the plugin "Transaction Export" from the delegate dated. The functionality was pretty close to what I wanted to achieve but the plugin considers all transactions and not just the ones from the voted for delegates.

Because of that I wanted to write a new plugin that will report on all staking rewards received. Therefore it should load all received transactions of a wallet and check whether the sender was an elected delegate. After all transactions have been collected, the plugin loads the historical prices for the transactions.
The transactions of a selected year are displayed in a list as well as a summary of the rewards in the selected currency (wallet settings). The text of the user interface is displayed in the selected language (wallet settings).
So I created the StakingRewardReport plugin for the ark desktop wallet. Now that the release of the payvo wallet comes closer, I want to migrate my plugin to it. Unfortunately it's not possible to simply migrate the code because the ark wallet requires VUE components while the payvo wallet requires React components. So it's more an rewrite than a migration.



PR for bugfixes in plugin services of the payvo wallet [DONE]
PR to get the selected currency from the payvo wallet [DONE]
PR to get the selected locale from the payvo wallet [DONE]

Without translation plugins for the payvo wallet it's not possible to change the language in settings of the wallet. Therefore I can't say which languages are going to be supported. So I have to add the translations in further updates of the plugin.

Cost-benefit analysis

Cost will be to cover the hours spent creating and maintaining the StakingRewardReprt plugin for the payvo desktop wallet.

Keep track of all of your received staking rewards and export them for individual purposes. The user does not need to check the price for every single transaction. The plugin will help you save a lot of time when reporting on your staking rewards.



The UI is inspired by the StakingRewardReport plugin for the ark desktop wallet.
The code is going to be written in typescript. I plan to use a repository pattern to separate the business logic from ui logic.


There will be manual testing before it is released. Users can report bugs by creating issues on GitHub.

Launch Plan

The plugin will be available through the plugin manager of the payvo desktop wallet. I will also make the sources available in a public Github repository with an open source license (MIT).

I plan to release the plugin at beta release of the payvo desktop wallet.

Support & Maintenance

I will maintain the plugin for as long as possible. Anyone can create an issue in the open GitHub repository to report bugs and make feature requests.

Additional Information

Community Feedback

I already submitted this proposal a while ago. All refusals were justified on the grounds that the amount requested was not worth the benefit. But nobody said that it would be a bad idea. Now that there is a new team I want to give it a new try with a decreased amount.


To be honest I almost finished my work on the payvo desktop wallet version of StakingRewardReport. All it takes is a litte more testing. Once it's done I'm going to release it (I think at beta release of the payvo desktop wallet) event if this proposal has been rejected. This is just an attempt to get a small allowance.
I would give you an insight to the project but the repository will be private until the release. But you can check the ark desktop wallet version at https://github.com/Panzenbaby/ArkStakingRewardReport