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MarketCard by Truztar Limited is the world's first insurance - covered digital wallet along with a prepaid debit card and a trading portal that facilitates seamless and convenient crypto to fiat gateway solutions for risk-averse investors.

MarketCard Wallet was initially launched on the Waves Blockchain but now on the plan to move to the Ark Blockchain because we believe that Ark provides more enterprise solutions than Waves that focuses more on tokenization.



The Minimum Viable Product [ MVP ] version of MarketCard comprises a digital wallet [ web, desktop, and mobile ], debit card [ plastic and virtual ].

Currently, the digital wallet is fully integrated and compatible with the Waves Blockchain Wallet, once we move, it will be fully compatible with the Ark Wallet.

We do have a MasterCard card issuing partner for the design and integration of our debit card into our digital wallet.

At launch, cardholders will be able to fund their card with ARK, our native Token, and a few other digital assets such as BTC, ETH, and so on.

... and for the insurance coverage, there are two ways we are looking to, to implementing this. 1. we are currently in talks with an insurance corporation that will facilitate the coverage and 2. providing insurance services on the Ark Blockchain is what we might be willing to implement in the future. The insurance coverage is not in our MVP roadmap.

Cost-benefit analysis

How ARK & ARK Holders will benefit:

1. If we're able to fork the ARK Wallet or integrate it with ours, it means our digital wallet will be fully compatible with the ARK's and which basically means that the number of wallet users we are able to acquire automatically becomes part of the ARK Ecosystem;

2. Integrating our debit card system with our digital wallet means all ARK holders will be able to easily turn their tokens into cash which in turn brings them liquidity. The goodest thing is that our MasterCard partnership has made it clear that our card will be available for all countries in the world with lesser restrictions. This means that ARK will have a greater chance of expanding its Ecosystem to wherever our cardholders are based from across the world.

3. Also, having the world's first insurance - covered wallet which will be compatible with the ARK Wallet will further spread the ARK Ecosystem among risk-averse "crypto" investors because this will serve as a unique protection against crypto market volatilities, uncertainties, and unexpected price crash.

4. Currently, one of the core hurdles facing wallet users is how they handle their seed, there's no solution yet for this as almost all wallet providers will tell you ... once you LOST your seed, it's OVER ... At launch, our insurance coverage will serve as a bulletproof for investor protection for all ARK holders and making Ark the first digital asset to be backed by insurance.




To fasten our development phase and reduce our time-to-market, we shall be integrating our digital wallet with the Ark's. The current integration is with the Waves Blockchain Wallet.


The debit card design and issuance will be done by our MasterCard card issuing partner and we only need to provide a few resources such as logo and brand identities.


The current testing of our digital wallet was done by the Waves Community and it functioned exactly just like the Waves Wallet does. We will leverage same process once we move the project to the Ark Blockchain.

Launch Plan

Launch digital wallet
Q2 2018

Launch token sale
Q2 2018

Implement card integration
Q3 2018

Launch virtual card
Q3 2018

Launch plastic card
Q3 2018

Launch trading portal
Q3 2018

Launch hardware wallet
Q4 2018

Launch trust services
Q1 2019

Launch insurance policies
Q2 2019

Support & Maintenance

The support and maintenance of the current digital wallet is done the Waves Development team since it's fully compatible with the Waves Blockchain Wallet. But we do have in-house dev team that supports the maintenance phase by ensuring the wallet is always up-to-date with the latest version from the Waves Platform. Thus, we expect to do the same if we are to be part of the Ark Ecosystem.

Additional Information


The current project team & advisors include ...


Data Scientist
Laja comes from a very solid data security background. While in college, he studied Data Science and Cybersecurity. He started his early career in 2011 as a Data Analyst prior moving into cybersecurity. He’s responsible for implementing data mining and statistical machine learning solutions to various business problems such as sales lead scoring, supply chain optimization, and demand forecasting.

Product Manager
Wanted to be an Architect as a kid because of his unconventional love for design. He studied Product Design and Management in College. He began his career as a Product Designer with United Bank for Africa where he worked on various FinTech products for end-users. With over a decade hands-on experience, his core expertise is horizontal product design, development, and management.

Software Engineer
Felix is a Michigan native but raised in Eastern North Carolina. He went to school at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte where he majored in Computer Science. He graduated in 2013, started his career as a Software Developer but shifted to the engineering phase and has been working since then as a Software Engineer. His areas of focus include but not limited to PHP, Perl, Java, and NodeJs.

Community Manager
Jose is an avid cryptocurrency enthusiast who's been in the industry for 4 years. With knowledge regarding the technology and the economics of cryptocurrencies, he manages communities that base themselves on projects that use blockchains and cryptocurrencies. He's managed a number of projects that made use of his services for engagement, traction, and prevention of scammers and false information.


Artificial Intelligence Advisor
CEO, NetObjex Inc based in Southern California. Formerly with Yahoo, Infospace, PwC, and with 3 successful startup exits. Wharton MBA in Finance, MS in Computer Science from RPI, Ex-Columbia University Adjunct Lecturer, published author and major conferences including IoT Congress, Google IO, and more. Current focus areas: Decentralized computing, Distributed ledgers, IoT, Cryptocurrencies.

Strategic Advisor
Prof. Katzenstein serves as Chairperson of Ortus Venture Capital. She obtained her education in the USA MALD in Law and Diplomacy from Tufts University, Boston and a Visiting Doctoral Scholarship at the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration-, and in Switzerland – a Ph.D. in International Economics from the Graduate Institute of International Studies at the University of Geneva.

Blockchain Advisor
A Scala / Java Developer and Architect with deep understanding and broad experience of building high load scalable services that process big amount of data. He's a fast learner, problem solver, patient, and loves to share his experience with teammates, and also acquire new experience for myself. He understands the upside and downsides of using tests, Scrum, Jira, Confluence, CI.

Strategic Advisor
Anna is an experienced professional with a demonstrated history of working in venture capital and private equity. She's skilled in negotiation, sales, business development, marketing, management, strategic relationships, and win-win partnerships. With a Master of Science [ MS ] focused in Technology Commercialization from the University of Texas at Austin - Red McCombs School of Business.



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