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Wed, Jun 27, 2018 6:56 AM | 0 Other - Miscellaneous Submitted by David Ebner
Estimated Work Hours
1250 USD

The proposal »Infographic Poster – ACF summary« is about the collection of information what the ACF is doing and present it in a visual way. In contrast to the recent made video about ACF the infographic can be used to share in channels like twitter, telegram and by mail so that interested persons can get a first insight about what is going on at ACF without having to watch a clip of 3min (nothing against the video here, just as an addition in terms of time/info relation).

An infographic offers the possibility to get the viewers attraction because of its compact format and informative output. As a lot of communication happens in digital channels where the span of attention is quite short an infographic can be used to spread and inform what the ACF offers at a glance. The infographic can easily be copied/downloaded to share it by everyone of the community in seconds.



No requirements needed as all the information is given within the website as well as Media Kit serves logos.

Cost-benefit analysis

The costs are to cover the working hours (estimated 13 hours) as well as a little to fee to use the design without restrictions.


Launch Plan

The estimated 13 hours are divided into the following parts:

collect info and structure the sections (2–3 h)
develop concept for the visual design (1–2 h)
apply basic design like type, grid and graphic (3 h)
implement the information into design (3h)
proofreading (1h)
polish the design, details (1h)
export and sharing (1h)

The infographic will be send in several formats (like PDF and JPG in two size options: 300 & 72 dpi)

Additional Information


I do have a M.A in Intermedia Design with deep knowledge in type design, graphic and grid systems. To design the infographic would be a great fit to involve my skills into the development and distribution of the ARK Ecosystem and the support by ACF. I'm happy to help spreading the word!



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There have been 3 votes for rejection by cam, Moon (biz_network), Del.
cam Thu, Jul 5, 2018 2:13 PM

The price for a single product seems steep to me. I was granted the pleasure of reviewing Davids portfolio (which I encourage to link in future proposals, or this one!) after reaching out to him. While the work is impressive and unique I don't feel it aligns with Arks current design and feel. I encourage David or any future artists making proposals similar to this to also example some work to the community and board that does fit Arks feel with a more modest price.

Moon (biz_network) Thu, Jul 5, 2018 3:26 PM

Absurd price to value ratio.

Del Mon, Jul 9, 2018 5:46 PM

I will have to reject on the account of how expensive it is to make this project happen.

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