First Meet-Up in Africa in Harare

Tue, Oct 30, 2018 3:09 PM | 139 Marketing - Meet up Submitted by Panashe Tapera
Estimated Work Hours
170 USD

The idea of this proposal is to start the growth of Ark in Harare Zimbabwe, starting specifically in the CBD through the first of a series of meetups in which it will be shared with a group of people interested in the field of the blockchain to which, they will be informed about the technology that is behind Ark , the advantages it has, uses that can be given to it currently with hyperinflation looming and uses that can be given once it is complying with the proposed roadmap, will be given a review about Ark and the advances it has been making at the level of alliances and development.




Cost-benefit analysis


T-Shirts Branded Ark 7 @5 each 35
Fliers with short info 15 @ $3 each 45
Co-working space room rental $60
Refreshments $ 30


Marketing Plan

What we want to achieve is that Ark starts to grow, and for this the first meetup will be held
at the Golix Offices(An exchange) where the participants will be provided with information pertinent to the
advances and uses of Ark, in a space where we can discuss some opinions and clarify any
doubt about it. Mention will be made of the social networks and the official sites of Ark,
through which they can track the progress they are making, in the same way they will be
instructed on the download of the official Ark wallet.

Marketing Impact

The meetup is organized to serve approximately 15-50 people. This first meetup, will start a series of meetups and subsequent events based on different marketing and educational strategies in order to promote Ark for their respective adoption and development of projects that are aligned with Ark's vision.

Additional Information

Community Feedback

* First successful meetup in Harare Zimbabwe.
* Start and growth of the Ark community in Zimbabwe.
* Once the meetup is over, a report will be made with their respective photos in the different
interactive media such as the forum, discord,twitter etc.


This meetup will be realized:
Execution of the meetup: It will be held on Saturday 17/11/2018.



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There have been 3 votes for rejection by cam, Moon (biz_network), DustinDry1st.
cam Tue, Oct 30, 2018 5:08 PM

There was a typo in the original proposal that had another coins name in it. This leads to suspicion that the proposer is simply copying & pasting proposals for multiple coins hoping to get some free crypto. The proposer also is not in the Ark Slack so I could not question him/her about their proposal. If the proposer is serious about submitting a proposal for Ark then I'd advise producing product first, holding the meetup, providing evidence, then seeking reimbursement.

Moon (biz_network) Tue, Oct 30, 2018 5:25 PM

Spotted the edit where the first line said "Decred" instead of Ark before; this is part of a mass proposal money grab campaign for poor quality outreach.

Purported exchange where this would take place also has next to no volume overall.

DustinDry1st Sat, Nov 3, 2018 4:40 AM

Will be to difficult for the board to verify proper use of funds, and the there is no use case defined by the proposal that will benefit the development of the ARK ecosystem