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Tue, Jul 10, 2018 4:37 PM | 1 Marketing - Advertising Submitted by Ryan Schoonmaker
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One of the lynch pins (and also one of the more complex aspects) of the ARK Ecosystem is DPOS. It can be a bit daunting for people to understand exactly what it is, what voting is and how rewards work, and WHY DPOS is a great consensus model. While we do have a video explaining DPOS, let's face it, it's a bit dry and not visually interesting/exciting and probably loses 75% of viewers within the first 30 seconds.

My goal with this video will be to keep it short and sweet (90 seconds), make it visually interesting, and above all make it informative and as jargon free as possible.

For those of you unfamiliar with my work, I produced the ARK "Spider Web" video:

As well as the ARK Consensus video:

For this explainer video I will hire and work with the same animation team that created the "spider web" video referenced above. This will help create a cohesive visual style across our different videos.



90 seconds is not a ton of time. So one of the biggest hurdles will be writing a script that can fit comfortably in 90 seconds and remain informative, fun, and fast paced.

Before moving on to animation, I will provide the ACF with the script, which they will be free to edit/give notes until we get it right.

Once we lock in the script, I will need half of the funds to secure the animation team and voice over talent.

The animation team will supply us with storyboards, rough outlines, and two drafts of animation, giving us plenty of opportunity to make tweaks.

The second half of the funds need to be released upon the completion of the video to be released.
Once the video is completed, I will send full resolution copies to the ACF as well as the ARK team to add to their youtube channel.

Cost-benefit analysis

Having a fun, visually interesting, well crafted video explaining DPOS will be a great tool for us deluded ARKies to wield when trying to get people to understand the many facets of ARK and why it is a great project. Moreover, having solid, well crafted and professional content instills confidence in people looking for new and exciting projects to follow. Having some great looking and educational videos in our back pocket to spread all over the web and show to newcomers will be priceless.

In addition, people drop by in the Slack and on Reddit all the time asking about voting and DPOS. Typically, they get pointed to the old video that the team created. I think having a new video will do wonders for getting people to actually understand the system.


Marketing Plan

I will keep the ACF in the loop for every step of the process. That means nothing will move forward without the go ahead of the board, or a point person that they may wish to assign.

That includes:

- Script writing
- Voice over recording
- Story boarding
- 1st animation draft
- 2nd Draft
- Sound Design

Once the video is locked and delivered, we can add it to the ARK team's youtube and spread it on any and all social media outlets.

Marketing Impact

The video will not only explain DPOS in a simple and jargon free manner (allowing newcomers to fully digest it's benefits) it will also show ARK's commitment to quality content, creating confidence in crypto investors and priming them to investigate the ARK Ecosystem further.



There have been 1 vote for approval by cam.

I am choosing to approve this project but with a caveat.

Yellows work is par none. That is without question. He is not a hobbyist, he is a professional who does this for a living. He has been patient with the ACF and explained the cost breakdown to create such high quality videos.

I have sat on making a decision with this for awhile and have concluded that it is paramount that we have high quality representation through this medium to the outside world, to newcomers, and prospective investors. Our community is excellent in creating videos, but to have these professional made pieces will carry was further and display to onlookers Ark is serious (not that Bobby-Joe making an Ark fan video in his basement isn't serious, but, you know what I mean...)

Yellow has been very understanding, as has a few proposers that the ACF is in between a rock and hard place... we value Ark... so it's hard for us to give up so much to various proposals... the ACF is looking out for it's funding as Yellow is looking out for his best benefit as well. I'd like to suggest approval contingent on Yellow (and the other board members, obviously) agreeing we will pay in Ark once Ark hits a value of $3.00. I think with this contingency, both sides of the aisle can win.


There have been 1 vote for rejection by DustinDry1st.

I completely agree with Ryan's reasoning for the video, i think theres a real need for a good quick overview of the DPOS system and how it works in ARK in particular to point newcomers to so they can easily digest it.

I like the quality of the previous work, however i am voting no FOR NOW mostly due to looking at the level of funding the ACF has at its disposal right now. I am hesitant to divert nearly 5% of our current funds to a project that while i think is useful i don't feel is a cornerstone necessity to spread awareness of the ARK product to a wider audience. I am definitely open to funding the project in the near future when ARK has recovered its value a bit more or ACF is able to secure more funding.

Once again i want to reiterate this is NOT a definitive no, only an "at this current time" no

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Tue, Jul 10, 2018 10:14 PM

Big fan of your work!!