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Estimated Work Hours
320 USD

This fund will be destined to the development, growth, production content and gifts for the Portuguese community.

We will include three countries that speak Portuguese
-Portugal, Brazil, Angola.

Some of my contributions
Telegram Grup: https://t.me/ARKPortugueseChat
Medium: https://medium.com/@arkportuguese
Telegram Channel: @canalARKportugues

I am the administrator of the Portuguese ARK group that currently exists and I have already participated, speak in some Meetups that are in Slack




Cost-benefit analysis

Time for video production, article, support social networks, program for editing, screen recording, gifts.


Marketing Plan

-In the Youtube channel ARK Portuguese that I will create we will have 2 videos per week on the ARK and the Crypto market with the purpose of bringing more people to the community, videos spoken in Portuguese are much easier to understand and pass on the message 100%.

So what are we going to do?
• We will translate all official ARK news / releases into Portuguese and published on Facebook, Telegram, Medium.
• Let's create our own content and translate it into Portuguese.
• We will publish content on Youtube, Facebook, Medium, Telegram and Instagram.
• We will also make some gifts with the ARK logo that will be chosen among the members of the Portuguese community

One of our advances was that I have a space to write articles in one of the largest cryptomoeda sites in Brazil is https://livecoins.com.br/

Marketing Impact

Greater visualization of ARK throughout the Portuguese community, to bring more members, developers and enthusiasts to ARK.

Additional Information

Community Feedback

Everything you do will be shared on ARK's Discord channel. With the approval of this fund we will grow a lot ARK Portuguese, in the Youtube channel we will try to bring other Youtubers, Exchange Owners and influential people in the crypto market to intrevistar and thus create partnerships to grow the ARK in the Portuguese and Globally.


About my ability and results, this has been proven some meetups that I palisaded to ARK, the cost was analyzed and decreased,I will invite one more member of the Portuguese ARK community to help me in the administration and production of content, to give full support in social networks.



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