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Sun, May 6, 2018 7:06 PM | 3 Development - Hardware Submitted by Doubled1c3
Estimated Work Hours
1194 USD

This is a resubmit of the original proposal for ArkStickers.com along with an addendum of $281 added in, for recordkeeping purposes by request of the ACF.

ArkStickers.com will send Ark Stickers anywhere in the world, probably. Users can fill out a form and pay some small Arks to receive Ark stickers in the mail. The website is up and running, and stickers are shipping now!



The domain name has been purchased, the site is up, and the stickers have been manufactured and received. All milestones are met.

Cost-benefit analysis

Everyone loves stickers, they have a low cost and high benefit!



The photos and website is up, and all design milestones have been achieved. There may be plans to upgrade the website itself in the future.


I tested the stickers and they do in fact stick to things. The tests were a smashing success!

Launch Plan

Everything is launched and Reddit, Slack, and Twitter are running smoothly.

Support & Maintenance

ArkStickers.com will be supported and maintained, reliably sending stickers all over the world, probably.

Additional Information

Community Feedback

The community has enjoyed the service and find that it benefits them and Ark as well.

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