Arkifier.net - A service which notifies you when your delegate has lost its forging power.

Thu, Jan 24, 2019 6:27 PM | 2 Development - Software Submitted by CryptoMC
Estimated Work Hours
1200 USD

Arkifier is a free, already developed, service which sends you an e-mail when your delegate loses its forging power. Users navigate to https://arkifier.net and are able to subscribe to this event. You enter the name of your delegate and your e-mail address and hit the subscribe button. Arkifier will send you a verification email, once verified the user is ready to receive e-mails. After the e-mail address is verified users may subscribe to multiple delegates by filling out the form again.

Delegates may flutter in and out forging positions quite often which may cause Arkifier to send multiple e-mails in a relative short timespan. To avoid this situation Arkifier has a buffer time parameter. For example, if you want to be notified when your delegate lost its forging power for one day straight enter a buffer time value of 24. If you want to be notified instantly leave the default value at 0.

When users want to unsubscribe they enter their e-mail. Arkifier will send a verification e-mail with a URL, once clicked the user (subscriptions and e-mail address) will be deleted from Arkifier.

Link: https://arkifier.net



None, the project is already launched.

Cost-benefit analysis

Arkifier is a free service which could be used by every voter. Arkifier is scalable for more events. this makes Arkifier a useful yet powerful service.



Already designed


Already tested

Launch Plan

Already launched (launched on 21st January 2019)

Support & Maintenance

I will maintain and keep on developing on Arkifier. The following items is what I'm currently working on:

- Adding a chart with names, ranks and votes of delegates who are 'battling for forging power'. This chart will contain data from, lets say, the last 3 hours. You will see a line chart with the movement of delegates trying to get into / fall out of the top 51.
- Add ARK Pay for donations.
- Add 'delegate got into top 51' event and notify users if they are subscribed.

This are ideas which are not worked out yet:
- Extend ARK's webhook API with Arkifier events (this is ambitious and needs research first).
- Collaborate with deadlock to integrate arkdelegates.io with arkifier.net. When delegates change their proposal arkdelegates.io will send a signal (delegate X changed their proposal) to arkifier.net and Arkifier will e-mail subbed users.

My goal is to make Arkifier the notifier service of ARK.

Additional Information

Community Feedback

At this very moment Arkifier has 26 unique subscribers. The community is, I think, pleased with Arkifier. See my release post filled with positivity on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ArkEcosystem/comments/aic6oh/say_hello_to_arkifier_a_community_service_which/

I have also received 2 DM's of users who love Arkifier.


I was not comfortable asking for funds until the product was functioning well, I had no idea how Arkies would react to Arkifier. I'm glad it worked out well and people are enjoying it.



There have been 3 votes for approval by outboard, cam, Del.
outboard Fri, Jan 25, 2019 11:33 AM

I like the additions of the battling for forging power chart and would love to see a notification when the battle for forging power begins. Great work... happy to fund it's continued development!

cam Fri, Jan 25, 2019 4:12 PM

The community spoke out and said this is a service they wanted and you executed it. I am glad to hear that your addons are also part of the price. I look forward to seeing integration with the arkdelegates.io :) Good job.

Del Sun, Jan 27, 2019 8:10 PM

Cool project! I love the concept as there are a lot of people who simply vote and forget about their delegates, only to later go on the subreddit and ask whether or not their delegate is still forging. I think your platform, although simple in practice, has a very powerful use-case especially for estranged community members.

Great job and I hope you can continue upgrading it as your email list expands!


There have been 1 vote for rejection by Moon (biz_network).
Moon (biz_network) Sat, Jan 26, 2019 5:03 AM

Good product, but price:value ratio seems far too low to justify for a simple scraper and email blaster, especially a closed source one.

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Thu, Jan 24, 2019 8:43 PM

Does this proposal include the items on the roadmap or are you going to try to seek further funding again once those items are complete? I also love the integration with arkdelegates.io idea. That'd be awesome.

Fri, Jan 25, 2019 9:30 AM

These items are included since I'm currently working on them (I have already exceeded the 100 hours mark): - Chart data (+- 3 hours). - The 'delegate got into top 51' event (+- 6 hours). The other items require research first, I can not estimate how much hours it will take me to implement them. I might seek funding again but that's something the future will bring me.