ArkDocs Site Translation into PDF

Tue, Feb 26, 2019 7:23 AM | 4 Other - Miscellaneous Submitted by Michael Hunt
Estimated Work Hours
150 USD

Copy the entire https://docs.ark.io/ into one PDF File



N/A at this time

Cost-benefit analysis

Cost-Benefit would create a nice downloadable-shareable file to be grouped around the World!


Launch Plan


Additional Information

Community Feedback

None at this time


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There have been no votes for approval yet.


There have been 3 votes for rejection by SuperCool, fun, Marc.
SuperCool Tue, Feb 26, 2019 9:15 AM

I reject this proposal. Having information in multiple places can lead to unnecessary chaotic situations. And the moment someone updated the ArkDocs the pdf will be out of date.

fun Tue, Feb 26, 2019 10:55 AM

Converting documents to a PDF is as simple as choosing a PDF writer from a list of available printers when printing a HTML page, then concatenating them into one document is trivial so this does not require any funding. Click, click, done. Moreover, the docs are fluid and constantly changing so a PDF download would quickly become outdated and obsolete.

Marc Tue, Feb 26, 2019 1:51 PM

I think people are very capable of converting websites to PDF themselves.... it takes them under 5 minutes.

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