Ark Wingdings Font

Tue, Jul 3, 2018 12:09 AM | 6 Other - Miscellaneous Submitted by Doubled1c3
Estimated Work Hours
75 USD

At one of my previous jobs, we had a special font of our logo in various forms, for people who had only basic computer knowledge or didn't know how to make Photoshop things look nice or understand how vectors work. Then, they could use the logo in really easy ways like in a word document, spreadsheet, Microsoft Paint, etc without having to deal with files, resizing things, making the logo look bad by mistake, dealing with layers, etc. So I am proposing a reimbursement for this task and then anyone can use the font.

It's like Wingdings, so if you type "A" for example it would be the Ark logo, and if you type "B" it would be the ark logo as an outline, and if you type "C" it would be a negative ark logo inside a dark square, etc etc etc. Because it's a font, you could use it in any program, make it any size, it would never look squished or wrong, and it would be extremely convenient.



Not to worry, I got this.

Cost-benefit analysis

Cost very low, benefit very high! Making it easy, and keeping logo beautiful for the people.


Launch Plan

1) Make the glyphs. Each glyph is the Ark logo in a various style as previously discussed. Estimating about 20 different glyphs.

2) Convert to font. This is no problem

3) Make available on arkdirectory.com/kits

Additional Information

Community Feedback

The community currently has no idea I'm doing this, but they will definitely appreciate it when it's done. I will make a note here that the people at my old job thought this idea was genius and it made their lives a lot easier.


The Ark address submitted is empty at time of submission, and that is normal. This proposal can be approved, then not paid until work is complete. That is no problem. Thank you for considering my proposal!



There have been 3 votes for approval by cam, Moon (biz_network), DustinDry1st.
cam Tue, Jul 3, 2018 12:49 AM

This is a no brainer. The return on the (small) investment is without question and it's a great idea that the community can enjoy.

Moon (biz_network) Thu, Jul 5, 2018 3:24 PM

While initially I was going to reject this because it seemed a little pointless and unnecessary, Doubled1c3 has put in the work and has already released the font, the price isn't obscene, and he has a record of approved and completed proposals.

DustinDry1st Thu, Jul 19, 2018 12:41 AM

I like the idea, looks good, easy to use for the average person


There have been 1 vote for rejection by Del.
Del Mon, Jul 9, 2018 5:46 PM

Although it does sound cool, it just seems a tad bit quirky for me to justify sponsoring it.

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It's Launched!
Wed, Jul 4, 2018 5:29 PM

Get the font at ArkDirectory.com/Kits From the readme file: Hi, welcome to Arkdings! This is a font that can be installed on your computer and used to place the Ark logo in all of your computer programs whenever you need it. This font is brought to you by ArkStickers at ArkStickers.com, and the Ark Community Fund, at www.ArkCommunity.Fund This is Arkdings Version 1.0, which has glyphs for the characters of 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 Install the font, and type the characters to see all the logos. Here are some official colors for your reference: 2018 Electric Red - #f1373a 2017 Classic Red - #cc0101 Alt Projects Blue - #2897c4 If you like using this font, please show your appreciation by buying some Ark Stickers. Cheers, and enjoy! ArkStickers.com

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