ARK Play (rev. 1)

Tue, Jul 2, 2019 2:53 PM | 4 Development - Software Submitted by Lemii
Estimated Work Hours
1500 USD

ARK Play will be a configurable, ‘on-chain’ web app that can serve numerous types of events and competitions. These events can be in the form of sweepstakes, raffles or other small contests that can make use of the Vendorfield in transactions.

The goal for the app is to automate and simplify the process of hosting these events.
The goal for the events itself is to increase community engagement and create more activity in the Ecosystem.

ARK Play will be designed in a way that it's very easy to create your own event. It's simply a matter of editing a config file and hosting the app somewhere. It will be useable for bridgechains, too. The project will be open source and anyone will be free to host their own event.



Web Hosting, domain

(optional -- I could initially host it on Arkrelay.com/play)

Cost-benefit analysis

The kind of events that ARK Play will be able to serve have been done manually in the past. This has proven to be extremely labor intensive and time consuming. For example, let's take a look at the following sweepstake event: https://medium.com/@samharperpittam/ark-community-christmas-sweepstake-2018-4be99f0b05b3

The user was required to:
- Initiate conversation via PM
- Send through the prediction
- Receive random address and code
- Manually enter random code in Vendorfield
- Manually enter address
- Send the tx to an escrow address

Not very user-friendly.

The host was required to:
- Deal with all the participants via PM (see above)
- Add all entries to a Google Sheet
- Check for duplicates or other anomalies

Very time consuming and prone to error.

On top of this, there were problems such as users didn’t realizing the submission date had passed. This resulted in the host being constantly bombarded with PMs, only having to disappoint the participant with a message that the submission date was closed.

The solution to this is automation.

ARK Play will be practically fully automated. The app will disable/enable functionality for the user when certain dates have passed (such as the aforementioned submission date), and user submissions can be done with a single click (using the ARK uri scheme). Only the 'contest account' management and prize payout must be done manually (for security reasons).



The project will consist out of two elements: a frontend and a configuration. The frontend will be built in ReactJS. The config file will be a simple .js file.

There is no backend as all the data will be fetched from the ARK blockchain itself. Data will be stored there using the Vendorfield parameter.

Preset configs will be made for specific types of events.

For security reasons (it’s a client side app), some things are not automated.
- The host of the contest will have to create a ‘contest account’ and manage the passphrase (where all the submissions are sent to)
- Prizes must be sent out manually


Test runs will be performed on ARK’s devnet.

Launch Plan

The first ARK Play contest will be launched during a seasonal event, depending on when the project is funded. It will be of a sweepstake type.

The contest will be announced on Slack, Reddit, Telegram and Twitter. Regular updates and reminders will be posted.

Support & Maintenance

Support for additional event types will be added without the need of additional funding, as long as they do not differ too greatly from the capabilities of the app (eg: creating an MMO will be rather hard).

Additional Information

Community Feedback

I’ve done a similar project in the past called Lisk Play: https://lisktools.eu/liskplay/

This was a great success. A lot of old and forgotten community members came back to participate, and the general mood was drastically improved during the length of the contest.

Please note that the ARK Play app will be of much higher quality than Lisk Play. It will be created from the ground up and will have a slick responsive design that will look great on all devices.


I’ll sponsor the first few events to attract additional participants.



There have been 3 votes for approval by fun, Moon (biz_network), RayAlva.
fun Wed, Jul 3, 2019 10:55 AM

I approved the initial iteration of this proposal because I supported the idea of enabling users to spin up their own contests and competitions to encourage growth of ARK and bridgechains via gamification mechanisms such as sweepstakes and raffles. I also approve the new version of the proposal as it includes event sponsorship, thus adding more value to it.

Although this idea was originally proposed as part of Lemii's delegate, I see no conflict because the ACF version of the tool promises to be an enhanced all-new version made from the ground up, explicitly for ARK and bridgechains, versus the delegate proposal for a re-badged old iteration of existing code that was originally designed for a different blockchain and would not be optimised for ARK.

Moon (biz_network) Wed, Jul 3, 2019 11:33 AM

Good use of ACF funds.

RayAlva Thu, Jul 4, 2019 2:32 AM

I've gone back and forth on this a bit and after reading over Lemii's proposal I have come to the following conclusions.

The project will require Lemii to put in about 50 hours of work for 1500 USD. A very average pay for developer work.

However in his delegate proposal he said the following: "Create a (re-usable) contest/competition App, organize the first event, and fund the initial prize pool" Whether he meant that he would just re-purpose the Lisk competition app and just put an ARK logo on it (I know its more complicated than that...no offense given), or create something new from the ground up is unclear in his proposal.

My approval is conditional upon the following:

-A discussion with the board and Lemii on the finer details of the project. I would like to know what specific plans he has for making this tool better than previous versions and how it will be optimized for ARK and Bridgechains.
-No ACF funds towards funding prize pools. That must come directly from your delegate. That section was clear in your proposal.
-A review of the budget


There have been 2 votes for rejection by SuperCool, Marc.
SuperCool Wed, Jul 3, 2019 12:05 PM

As mentioned in slack, this is a part of your delegate proposal and should be build by your delegate delegate. Therefore I will reject this project.

Marc Wed, Jul 3, 2019 1:04 PM

This project is part of the delegate proposal of Lemii and I feel that this is double funding.

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