Mon, May 7, 2018 4:24 PM | 0 Marketing - Outreach Submitted by Del
Estimated Work Hours
2000 USD

Delegates Biz_Classic and Del are teaming up to host an ARK centered community event. The event will be hosted in a premium venue at the eBay Corporate Office in Manhattan. The purpose of the event is to augment the internet culture that we so proudly created over the past year in an informative, interactive, and engaging way. We hope to utilize the already reserved space to create demonstrations and facilitate proactive discussions over the current technological developments in Ark, while also addressing some of the major changes that are expected to come about with the upcoming V2 update. We will also be demonstrating how to set up your own personal Blockchain using Ark Deployer, as well as, diving into Ark’s current marketing position in the field of crypto, exploring and addressing current limitations while developing/suggesting theoretical solutions from a community-based standpoint. Last but not least, we will be providing food, drinks, and swag including free Ark to all attendees using a prebuilt on-site faucet where you can physically redeem Ark straight to your wallet! Best part: All presentations will be live streamed!



Event Space – Location: 625 6th Ave, New York, NY 10011 | 6:00PM - 8:30PM
Marketing Initiative
Community Outreach
Attending Audience
Programming on-site faucet
Event Planning
Time designing and planning merchandise purchases
Mentally prepare to speak in front of an audience

Cost-benefit analysis

Currently, Ark has been proactively engaging with the public by hosting various events that range from University Hackathons to public crypto/blockchain events, which without a doubt has done incredible good for the project. Similarly, we seek to engage and foster the Ark community in NYC, which hasn't been done yet. This event will be open to the general public and anyone who wishes to learn more about the project; its current technologies, and it’s upcoming developments. This will be, with all intents and purposes, a professionally hosted event designed to spread evangelize this project in Silicon Alley.


Marketing Plan

Biz_Classic runs the largest community discord, with hundreds of members on at any given time and nearly 1,000 active participating users. By leveraging the existing voter base and targeted ads, we believe that we can successfully plan and host an unforgettable event for the ARK community.

Marketing Impact

We want to have a mixed audience of existing crypto/ARK enthusiasts and welcome newcomers to the community as a whole, allowing the groups to co-mingle and share knowledge and skepticism among each other. By promoting the ARK ecosystem through meetups, we can create a more personable environment that will more easily draw in new users. There has not yet been an event hosted in NYC, and we can introduce ARK to the Big Apple.

Additional Information

Community Feedback

The community has been asking for a meetup for quite some time, and many members are excited to attend and finally see it happen.