ARK Marketing Campaign Portuguese

Thu, Feb 21, 2019 9:26 PM | 6 Marketing - Advertising Submitted by ARK Marketing Campaign Portuguese
Estimated Work Hours
530 USD

Greater engagement with video production, content, partnerships, support on social networks and Telegram.

Content in Portuguese and dissemination in channels relevant to the topic, in order to create a larger Portuguese community.

We will include three countries that speak Portuguese
-Portugal, Brazil, Angola.



I have been in this crypto market for 2 years and have already done some Meetups, participated in events, translated articles for the ARK Portuguese community

I'm from Brazil and I've known ARK for 1 and a half years. After realizing that there is no ARK community in Portuguese, I came across the idea of ​​building the community.

Some of my contributions

Telegram Group: https://t.me/ARKPortugueseChat

Medium: https://medium.com/@arkportuguese

Telegram Channel: https://t.me/canalARKportugues

I will also create tutorial videos for beginners and advanced (for example, What is ARK, Review, updates, DPoS)

Videos of the ARK channel on Youtube will be translated into Portuguese, although it has subtitles, videos spoken in Portuguese are much easier to understand and pass on the message 100%.

And this is what I want to do in a more professional way.

Cost-benefit analysis

If the fund is approved we will make an investment in partnerships with crypto media site, video production equipment, growth in social networks, gifts and everything we can to expand the community and bring knowledge of ARK to everyone.


Marketing Plan

• We will translate all ARK official news / announcements into Portuguese and published on Facebook, Telegram, Medium, Youtube.
• We will create our own content and translate into Portuguese (explanatory videos, etc.). At least one video per week (maybe more).
• We will publish content on Youtube, Facebook, Medium, Telegram, Instagram.
• We will promote content through relevant crypto Portuguese sites.
• Provide 24-hour support on all social networks and telegrams that will be created or already existing
• We will also make some gifts with the ARK logo that will be given to anyone who contributes to ARK as a T-shirt, keychain, bottle or sacomochila.

Marketing Impact

• Facebook Page "Bitcoin Brasil" (https://www.facebook.com/groups/btcbr/)
135 thousand members, Portuguese group on the crypto world.
• Telegram Group "BitcoinInvestment" (https://t.me/BitcoinInvestment)
Telegram Group "Digital Investments" (@InvestmentsDigitalsFree)
• Telegram Group "BitcoinBrasil" (https://t.me/brasilbitcoin)
• Telegram Group "BitNada" (@BitNada)

All videos and articles will be shared in these groups and channels and some more, as well as all ads (with translation in Portuguese).

Additional Information

Community Feedback

Thousands of people will know and be more interested in ARK, these are some of the groups that we will be promoting ARK, besides producing the own content.


$ 530\per month

Duration: five months

And at the end of five months will be sent a report of everything that was done and the degree of growth of the Portuguese ARK for a community assessment if we want to continue with this growth of the Portuguese ARK, in the future we want to have presence and lectures at the main events in Brazil and Portuguese languages ​​to develop strong partnerships.

Any questions or suggestions I am available for conversation Here in the comments and Slack



There have been no votes for approval yet.


There have been 3 votes for rejection by Marc, fun, RayAlva.
Marc Fri, Feb 22, 2019 2:52 PM

I do not want to commit the ACF to a 5 month period. Also I do not believe you can fullfill the 24 hours support.

fun Sat, Feb 23, 2019 10:17 AM

I don't support this as it requires upfront funding (even if for a trial period as per your supplementary comments) with no guarantee of results.

RayAlva Mon, Feb 25, 2019 7:34 AM

In good faith I cannot approve a proposal that hopes to receive this much in funding on a monthly basis and then provides an assessment of the impact made at the very end of a 5 month period. Also, while I do believe it is good to expose ARK to the crypto community as a whole, the groups that you are planning to disperse content in are very generic and incredibly saturated. Having a background in marketing I put a high value on genuine interactions and I feel that the groups you suggested would not generate much of an impact as channels for publication of ARK specific content.

I also feel that your cost-benefit analysis might be underdeveloped or not researched thoroughly enough.

-Partnerships with media sites can be costly. What media sites were you planning to partner with and do they have a cost associated with it?

-You will be spending funds on video production equipment to produce videos once a week. What equipment are you looking to buy because the whole 5 month budget might just barely cover it. (camera, microphone, lighting, editing software).

-Ads? You made mention of ads for Facebook and the social media sites where you are sharing ARK-specific content. How much is going into the ad-budget and will that amount reach a significant amount of people. Also are you able to optimize the ad to make sure it reaches the intended audience.

Lastly, I do not want to commit the ACF to a 5 month-long project as it is likely that this will spill over to the next board.

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