ARK General Thread 1 Month

Mon, Jan 4, 2021 10:46 PM | 0 Marketing - Advertising Submitted by Ruub21
Estimated Work Hours
650 USD

Do you want ARK to succeed? Because I sure do! ARK needs more exposure, and I want to let as many other people know about it as possible. Right now is a critical time while Deployer, MarketSquare, wallets, and explorer are being developed. We want to build up as much hype and anticipation for these new products as we can.

My proposal is to share ARK on the website 4chan slash biz on a daily basis for 1 month. This website is an image board where threads are deleted overtime on a frequent basis, so ideally I would make at least 1 thread a day and have it running as long as possible.

I will make a "General" thread (many other cryptocurrencies such as XRP and XMR already have a daily thread like this), where common information such as general facts and how to buy and sell and the latest news for that crypto are posted. I will stay with the thread for at least 1 hour to keep the thread alive, answering as many questions as I can, saying as many positive things as I can about ARK and in general granting it more exposure.




Cost-benefit analysis

The cost will be about $20 a day, and with that ARK will receive daily exposure to hundreds of active crypto users a day. Let's say even if there's one new person that gets into ARK because of this, that means one extra person who will be an ARK holder and supporter.


Marketing Plan

Biz is known to have thousands of crypto users. In fact the #1 ARK delegate is biz_classic which originated from biz and we originally had a strong community there. Due to ARK dropping in price a lot of ARK hypers have become ARK haters, since several years have passed, we can onboard the new generation of biz users who have never even heard of ARK and show the old-timers the new features that ARK provides and the products being developed.

Marketing Impact

Every time I create a new thread, that will be posted in the ARK discord so that the rest of the ARK community can view it, and so we can have a historical view on the performance of this marketing endeavour.

Additional Information

Community Feedback

So far I've gotten 27 new users to the ARK discord by sharing details about ARK and the discord invite link to a few different discords I'm a member of.

Since the threads will be posted in the discord, I will make revisions to the format based on the feedback.


We are trialling out one month to see how this works, what impact this will have. If it's successful, we can do it for a second month, third month, and so on.

Ark Community Fund, please accept this proposal to bring more exposure to ARK.



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There have been 3 votes for rejection by Drakeler, cam, tin.
Drakeler Tue, Jan 12, 2021 11:55 AM

I don't think to post every day is needed, also I'm not convinced that we reach much exposure with only posting on one channel/site.

cam Thu, Jan 28, 2021 1:43 AM

That channel is very limited in scope.
I don't hate the idea, but a lot of them are still there, I'd wager, and still are obsessed with hating on Ark. I suspect you'd deal more with fending off trolls than on boarding folks. And to that point, might even hurt Ark more for newcomers.
I'd suggest, if you're serious about this, do it anyways. And save some screenshots etc and then re propose. A lot of proposals that get approved here, the applicant did some leg work first.

tin Thu, Jan 28, 2021 2:06 AM

Your idea is interesting, but 4chan is the wrong channel to promote Ark at this moment. It's a very complicated place, I have seen the Ark articles there, mostly trolls. That will negatively affect the image of Ark in the eyes of newcomers.

I suggest you to explore other channels to promote Ark and make new proposal.