ARK Ecosystem History Book (2016-2022)

Sat, Mar 26, 2022 7:05 PM | 0 Marketing - Creative Design Submitted by Christopher Paul Thompson
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4000 USD
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During summer 2019, I researched the history of the ARK Ecosystem from its inception in September 2016 to the beginning of July 2019. An ARK Ecosystem history book was subsequently self-published on Amazon covering the aforementioned period. It is a useful resource for community members to discover how ARK began and the journey is had made in the proceeding few years.

Since then, I have continued to write more detailed blockchain history books (Redd, DigiByte, Groestlcoin, Syscoin). Each book covers major milestones concerning code protocol development, notable team/community members, price metrics, exchange/wallet additions, social events etc.

I seek funding from the ACF to help me write a more detailed ARK Ecosystem history book (2016-2022). The aim is to collate as much history as possible and then present it in an A4 paperback/hardback/ebook. I envisage it will take several months before the final draft is complete.



If approved, I am confident the ARK team and community will help with encouragement and highlighted important facts and events I may overlook. It will be a massive undertaking to discover what has happened from September 2016 to the end of 2022.

In addition to community support, I seek initial funding towards getting the book off the ground. It will help enormously to receive US$1,000 up front with the remaining US$3,000 rewarded at completion.
The book template has already been pre-determined.

Cost-benefit analysis

It will be beneficial for new community members to read about what has happened during the last 6 years. I have experience knowing team members in other blockchain-based projects who have forgotten things they did in the past concerning social events and code development/testing etc. I think the ARK Ecosystem 2016-2022 history book will be a great resource (can be easily updated on the yearly basis).


Marketing Plan

I am already familiar with the easy years of the ARK Ecosystem, so it will serve as the foundation to build upon. A new timeline will be constructed to include as many milestones as possible from September 2016 to the current day (projected to the end of 2022 as time goes by).

Once the timeline has been created, I can then begin to research and prioritise events. It will be important during this period to not overlook major events.

I will embark on the first rough draft of the book using researched material from official sources (blogs, articles, Twitter, Bitcointalk, Reddit etc.). It is usually the most time-consuming stage.

Marketing Impact


Additional Information

Community Feedback

Some community members enjoyed the previous ARK Ecosystem book published in October 2019. I am committed to write an outstanding, more detailed and better presented book this time around.

I look forward to the ACF approving the proposal. If approved, I will begin working on the book straight away.

Thank you for reading the proposal.


I have attached previous ARK Ecosystem material from 2019 and the recently self-published Groestlcoin history book.