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Tue, Jul 17, 2018 5:58 PM | 37 Marketing - Advertising Submitted by David Ebner
Estimated Work Hours
200 USD

This is an updated version of my previous proposal. After having a chat with the community on slack I want to submit a proposal to do an easy to watch Infographic that sums up the possibilities that ACF offers.

Infographics are a great way to attract peoples attention in different channels like twitter, telegram and so on. With the key elements of ACF listed it will be possible to spread the word for each one of us easily. In general it will be a shortened version of the website with points listed in headlines like –Proposals, –Articles, –Bounties, –Team and –Media Kit. Each one of them gets a very short description so that a viewer gets the info while coming to the website to get deeper knowledge.

The visual style will be in relation to the existing design of ACF so that viewers will recognize its relation. In general it will be more type focused, color scheme and font will be adapted of the ACF / ARK look.



I'll make use of the MediaKit to implement the logo as well as loading the Font.

Cost-benefit analysis

The costs are to cover my working time of estimated 15 hours.

The relation of costs to benefit is in my mind worth the investment, as the Infographic can be shared by each community member. As soon as it is spread online there is also a chance that other people copy and paste it, to gain even more attraction.


Marketing Plan

collect info and structure the sections (2–3 h)
develop concept for the visual design (2 h)
apply basic design like type, grid and graphic (3 h)
implement the information into design (4 h)
proofreading (1h)
polish the design, details (1h)
export and sharing (1h)

The infographic will be send in PNG and PDF format with a 72 dpi resolution for screens.

Marketing Impact

An infographic offers the possibility to get the viewers attraction because of its compact format and informative output. As a lot of communication happens in digital channels where the span of attention is quite short an infographic can be used to spread and inform what the ACF offers at a glance. The infographic can easily be copied/downloaded to share it by everyone of the community in seconds.

Additional Information

Community Feedback

discussed in slack #proposals, with examples and positive feedback to submit with reduced funding.

In case that it is appreciated I could offer to send 2–3 sketches during the process, so that the community can vote which one works best. this would roughly show the position of headlines and general look & feel. if this makes the process too complicated I'm also happy to handle this on my own.


I do have a M.A in Intermedia Design with deep knowledge in type design, graphic and grid systems. To design the infographic would be a great fit to involve my skills into the development of the ACF, respectively ARK. I'm happy to help spreading the word!



There have been 3 votes for approval by cam, DustinDry1st, Del.
cam Wed, Jul 18, 2018 11:58 PM

This proposal aligns with the communities wish for greater outreach, awareness, and presence at a reasonable cost. If executed correctly, this infographic could be an invaluable tool to instantly make a prospective talent aware of what the ACF is all about and what we can offer. I made the decision to approve based on community response to my survey conducted. The community feels, as do I, that the ACF needs better presence, awareness and outreach. I feel this proposal fits the bill for all 3.

My only reservation is I hope, out of pure goodwill, that David will be kind enough to update the infographic a couple times with current statistics within the next year and time as needed without asking for more from the ACF.

DustinDry1st Thu, Jul 19, 2018 12:47 AM

While I feel that this is still a bit high for a basic infographic, we are always in need of quality content to pass along in the space and this first project will be a dip of the toes in the water for any future work done by the proposer.

For the price of the infographic we expect high quality Original content and copy

Del Sat, Aug 4, 2018 8:17 PM

I decided to approve for this project on the account that David shows extensive insight and curiosity to successfully create a very attractive and informative infographic. Good luck David.


There have been no votes for rejection yet.

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