What Is the ARK Community Fund (ACF)?

The goal of the ACF is to sponsor community projects benefiting the ARK Ecosystem. It can be seen as supplemental to the core development of the ARK Ecosystem and will support the ideas and projects of ARK community members.

What is the ACF board?

The board is a group of 5 individuals who have been elected to represent the community when it comes to maintaining the ACF fund. Their main tasks revolve around reviewing proposals, setting up bounties, promoting ACF, and a variety of ad hoc tasks.

How do I become part of the board?

There are elections every month where anybody can run to become part of the board. You will need to be in the top 5 of the votes received from the community.

Where can I make a proposal?

You can make a proposal in our proposal section which can be found here: https://arkcommunity.fund/proposals. You will have to choose what kind of proposal you want to make. Development oriented, marketing oriented, or Other. Once you click on submit proposal, you will be asked a series of questions. The more detail you provide, the higher the chance your proposal will be accepted

What is important when you make a proposal?

Depending on the type of proposal you submit (development, marketing, other) you will receive a different set of questions. Be precise in your answers and be realistic. The ACF board is keen to see the test plan, launch schedules, milestones, and regular communication in exchange for a reward in Ark. The less detail we have the harder it becomes for the ACF board to approve. If there is no launch date or lack of milestones how are we supposed to evaluate the success of your proposal?

What happens once you have submitted your proposal??

Once you have submitted your proposal it will automatically be sent to the ACF board who will review the proposal and approve, reject or ask for amendments. ACF will reach out to you with what is the next step.

When and how do I get paid for a proposal?

Payment is always based on a USD estimate (though occurs in Ark). Payments happen on the successful delivery of whatever was proposed. What successful delivery is, in the end, depends on the proposal and the conclusion the ACF board draws. All proposals are made public on the ACF site and as such the community can always see what is on the table and can also respond to it. ACF also encourages people making proposals to seek out community feedback.

What are bounties?

A bounty basically comes into existence when ACF has a need for something, a job. You will have to write a proposal for a bounty which ACF will review. Multiple people can make a proposal and we in fact encourage this.

How much Ark does the ARK Community Fund have?

The amount fluctuates and is spread over multiple accounts as ACF also supports several public delegates. An indication is given at the bottom of the ACF website, but funding surpasses that amount. We will do our best to always have sufficient Ark readily available for proposals and other costs.

How does the fund get more Ark for funding?

ACF uses a portion of the fund to vote for delegates and as such receives Ark through staking. Besides this Ark also receives donations from generous community members.