2018 Election

If you have decided for who you would like to vote, copy their address and send a transaction with the smartbridge ACF2018 to their wallet.

The amount of the transaction does not matter. That means you can send the lowest possible amount, which is 0.00000001 ARK.

Elections will end Tuesday, 26-Jun-2018 12:00:00 UTC. Keep in mind that you can vote for as many candidates as you want!

The candidate votes and ranks are updated every 10 minutes through a cronjob.

Rank Name Address Votes Voters
1 Del AXmSz926GSiYjBQok3TVjnxaUQH7QYxiKG 706,292 18
2 Moon (biz_network) AdVfJE2PLm1vFmknfpuKdGGDAxthyVEqjt 685,666 41
3 DustinDry1st AYddwWZDtRP96PFZyKL7hhhPNS8v2eWuVH 633,378 10
4 cam AV3wUEXSR26VZctMGh9ihFR2SokgHbpD6x 494,085 27
5 Rob (Ark Labs) AUgkhEVAR8a4ChRiMioYaoiA1eyCGjJb1K 410,537 9
6 Charles (dutchdelegate) Ac6XJSxiDNXjjf4mV8Xd33ENJhGDYmtLm5 405,149 22
7 outboard AJFLDa97KJC4CWLxWTLqhhw5pwcMyWerN4 158,992 14
8 mkmiia AW8k8m63QV5BVsH92sgGLToyBDsQpEFoT1 86,857 12
9 Neil Young AGWEcCVkhi7aR1gAJSrQvC4wG9dfd1B8qc 44,502 9
10 Hylex AXFMMCbfcrLS6eY551ys33edVbHt1wXSeP 19,624 3
11 Quintin Rizek AHNT1nXkLdojbtLu22aEunJFfFXLxoL3tH 19,113 2
12 SuperCool AJmyreZKaNUb43R5Txur56ZyzUesm5tDyy 5,019 1
13 Keith Richards APc1WFKsGQMxmzKkA44nLXCmxfszvC8deg 0 0


Keith Richards

I am passionate about the development of Ark and blockchain adoption. I am willing to donate time and energy to the greatest need I can immediately fill.

I am not quite sure what the details of being an ACF board member entails, but I have been interested in reaching out to Ark before about starting some awareness campaigns in my geography. (SEA, Portland, Spokane, Boise, Wenatchee)

I might not be a good fit, but I am more then interested in helping out.

My professional experience lies in marketing and sales, merchant services and products, publick speaking (stand-up comedy , acting)


Keith R.
[email protected]
www.moonbase.city (my crypto photo gallery)


I would like to join the AFC board because I believe it would benefit both the ARK community and myself. I am amazed by the ARK community and its willingness to share with others. I would love to be a more active part of that.

In my professional career, I have focused on marketing and business development and helped build online connections between businesses all around Europe. In the last months shifted my focus to do the same for blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

I truly believe that treating every member of a community with the same respect creates an environment that stimulates innovation, growth and the sharing of ideas and knowledge.

Let's evolve the ARK community together!


Quintin Rizek

I want to run for the ACF board because I feel I can have a very positive impact in moving this product forward. I really like the concept of Ark in particular - the community, the product, the team - and truly feel it can change the world.

I want to run for the board with an emphasis on figuring out ways to simplify and market the product to the average consumer.

In my opinion, the only think holding back crypto in general from mass adoption is providing a platform and product that is easily usable for those who have 0 knowledge about computers and crypto.

When I talk to people in my network about crypto they immediately become disengaged once the conversation gets to a point where they cannot understand the tech. If we can provide a simple user platform we can take over the crypto space.

Here is my linkedin profile for more background on me: https://www.linkedin.com/in/quintin-rizek-29a63166/


i want to be closer to my god uncle chang

Neil Young

Through my journey to understand and learn about ARK and the ARK Ecosystem, I've discovered a tool that can make a huge difference in the way technology and businesses work and if line to be a part of the team that brings ARK to the masses.

I've been working in the gambling business for the last 11 years and believe that blockchain is currently in a very similar position to where online gambling businesses were in 2008.

That being - on the cusp of new regulation, trying to find clarity within all the data, noise and hype associated with the industry booming, yet trying to responsibly progress for the greater good of customers, industry, government and investors.

I've been working as a consultant to the gambling industry the last 4 years and have worked with the biggest businesses in the industry.

I've worked with regulators, operators and marketing teams to deliver responsible and clear messages that have helped the industry grow significantly these lay few years.

I'd like to share some of my insights, knowledge and experience and work with all involved in ARK, to hopefully help the ARK project, team and community grow into the world's best I know both can be.

I also run my own consultancy business focused on blockchain so dedicating time will not be an issue as this is central to the passion of my business (www.hillcrestpragmatic.com for reference - I'm on LinkedIn also if you wish to check my profile/ credentials)

Thank you for reading. Best regards, Neil



I feel I represent the average ARK voter and feel that in addition to the rest of the board being community delegates as when in the past, having a somewhat small time ark holder as a delegate to get the average voters views on things would be helpful. Plan to do alot of community outreach into ark as an ACF board member and help drive community projects.


I've run multiple companies and been developing applications in the web 2.0 space since 2005. I think I'm uniquely positioned in the community to know which projects have a reasonable cost and timeline. My personal developer network is also broad, so being on the board will allow me to get a better idea of what's needed in the community and provide the resources to attract some of the other highly qualified application devs in my network to the Ecosystem. I currently work roughly 15 hours a week, so the time commitment is not an issue at all.

Charles (dutchdelegate)

For over an year, I have been active in this enthusiastic community. From my experiences as a delegate (dutchdelegate) and as a developer I have seen things within ARK that - I believe - can be improved.

Attending Hackathons and conferences for ARK gave me the insights needed to further develop these ideas. Therefore I want to run for the ACF board. This way I am not only able to give advice, but really act upon the ideas that the community brings up. I want to make a difference. My contribtution to the community will be on several levels. Firstly on a technicological level, secondly on a business level and thirdly on a community level.

With my background in IT - being a developer myself - I will be able to provide in-depth analysis and feedback on the proposals submitted. Futhermore, I run my own company specialized in the use of blockchain (BlockHub.nl) where I experienced what is really needed for an Ecosystem to succeed in the business world. Lastly I have a strong engagement with this community.

I am in the ARK Ecosystem Slack since May 2017 and take part in a lot of discussion ever since. Also - with Dutchdelegate - we have already organized two meetups in the Netherlands (more will follow).

Vote for Charles, to make the ARK Ecosystem the success it deserves to be!

~ Charles

Rob (Ark Labs)

The first ACF board organised funding and voting, the second created the website portal and management system.
So what will my term do if I have a say in it?

Stand on the shoulders of giants and work on growing transparency and community participation in the selection of projects and feedback.

Through my work with Ark Labs and the team behind ACES, I'll be looking to connect the Ark Ecosystem with the world.

As an example, I am in talks with Space agencies who have an interest in solving their challenges in Space with Ark.

I am a multi-disciplinary human of fine proportions, and will bring a keen eye for detail. I focus on responsible simplicity and efficiency in all I do. As an advisor to many companies, I would be happy to be a voice on ACF funded projects as well.

If you would like to have a voice, get in touch with me here - rob at arklabs dot us


I've been involved in the Ark community for 8 months. I am committed to the project and know the tech at a mid to high level. I've endorsed Ark at every turn in their journey and have helped the community progress within my capacity be it via Reddit, Slack etc.

In my full time position I'm a systems analyst. I believe that makes me a suitable applicant for the board. My job is to scrutinize documentation, policy, and tech and determine what is best for the progression of the system I work on to attain the best output.

I've yearned for quite some time to give back to the Ark community. I believe this is my opportunity. I'll do so by creating a better presence in our Reddit. Providing more frequent and accurate advice and responses to proposals and encouraging proposals. I'll find ways to get talented individuals to submit proposals rather than wait for proposals and be reactionary, we'll become a more proactive board.

Please reach out to me with any questions. Hope to hear from you.



Hi my name is Dustin

I am a father of 3 and became interested in Ark last fall at the behest of friend who had been talking about it since he had first bought some ARK in the summer of 2017. I became involved in 2018 and have been doing documentation writing for the bounty campaign with boldninja and Chris. During that period I was able to understand more deeply the ARK project and what it has to offer and its future potential.

What do I love about ARK?

I love that this community is so friendly, open and isn’t prone to the hysterics we see from others on twitter and other social media. ARK's dev team is one of the best in the space and has done nothing but work their butts off, shunning the limelight like the quiet professionals they are. The hard work ethic is what attracted me to the project in the first place.

With the upcoming release of V2. and the buzz around interoperability in 2018 I think we are poised to become leaders in this space, but we need to take a careful balanced approach in how we approach marketing and PR.

We need to bring awareness to the public about our product and our community. There is so much noise we need to cut through it, but the catch here is that we don’t want to end up being seen as another HYPE project (This is the opposite of what ARK is).

Social Media is the internet, unfortunately Crypto related projects are mostly banned from any platform.

How do we break through this?

  1. Influencer Marketing:
    We contact influential people in the space and pay them vs the platform directly to talk about the tech (around V2 launch would be perfect) and the what ARK aims to accomplish.

  2. Snapchat Filters:
    Litecoin has already used this, but we pay around $500 to develop a filter (through comm. proposals) and then use that at various conferences and gatherings of cryptofiends to build awareness.

  3. Podcasts
    Hit interviews hard. Most hosts are always looking for new guests and we can hit not just crypto podcasts but also tech folks outside the crypto/blockchain sphere, financial etc. for the most part these are free (there is a time cost, but monetary is low) and its another episode that can bring awareness to people 6 months down the road when they download it.

  4. What’s your idea?

This is the Ark COMMUNITY Fund so i want to know the communities ideas? I would like to get the ACF to get in contact with those on social that are interested/own ARK to let them know more about this fund. Many do not. Lets get more minds pooled and come up with (and fund) even better ideas!

Thanks for your consideration

Moon (biz_network)

I want to help further the community and help enable positive contributions to the ARK ecosystem. I'll continue to do what I've been doing consistently the last year for the community (meetups, events, delegation, etc).


I want to run for the ACF because it’s the greatest community-based organizations ever. The sheer ability for the organization to continuously work with the community, improving it, and allowing its financial power to grow Ark’s developments is incredible.

I hope to contribute to the ACF by devoting my time and current community influence to streamline productive and potentially groundbreaking projects based on the Ark platform. Furthermore, I realize that the current board has been quite preoccupied with establishing a new website and overall identity since it was voted in.

Therefore, I would like to help shed light on the ACF by marketing it accordingly, so that potential developers/influencers can utilize it to help grow Ark. Nonetheless, the current board has done an outstanding job representing and pushing Ark forward, and I can only hope to run as a formidable successor relative to them.