ARK Snapchat Filter Bounty

Sun, Sep 9, 2018 1:23 AM | 0

There are various companies that offer designs of SNAPCHAT filters that can be designed and used.  Our goal is to create filters we can use and run in specific locations during conferences and other crypto specific events.  How you accomplish this will be up to you.  If you have the skills to design a snapchat filter, get it approved by Snapchat and get it ready for use to deploy throughout the year(s) awesome!  If you want to hire a 3rd party to do so, thats up to you as well.

What we need is the following.

1) a unique filter incorporating the ARK logo with a ARK theme to use

2) ACF must be able to retain the rights to the content created. Nor you or the 3rd party provider.  Must not be a "one time use" design.

4) Must be able to be approved for use in snapchat

5) Designs must be submitted to the ACF for approval before the filter is finalized

6) You must be willing to wait for payment until milestones are met


50% of the payment will occur after final design is approved by the ACF

50% of the payment will occur AFTER the final design is approved for use by snapchat and rights are signed over to the ACF


Work in Progress


300 USD



Graphic Design, content creation


Short Summary of required tools...