ACF Video

Fri, Jun 22, 2018 8:27 AM Other
Middle (3-5+ Years)
Estimated Work Hours
1500 USD

Hello ARK and ACF Community, my name is David Ebner. I'm from Berlin/Germany and recently finished my master thesis in the field of Intermedia Design (with distinction). I do have a strong background in general design fundamentals like typo, color management and grid systems but am also interested in the new media possibilities like 3D rendering and sound design. I'm used to work with the Adobe CS from InDesign, Illustrator to Premiere as well as being able to add sound that is done in Ableton Live, Pure Data or Eurorack.

I'm working in a well structured way to make sure of reaching my goals, in this case to create a video that communicates the ACF and its possibilities. I'm a big fan of the ARK ecosystem and would very much like to involve myself with doing the video and receiving ARK token as a reward.

Thank you very much!

Project Plan

Prerequisites / Requirements

– High-res images of the logos of ACF and ARK would be great, but no must.

– In case that a specific font is in use please send it over (Comfortaa seems to be a GoogleFont so that is fine)


– collect all relevant knowledge and decide which elements to show
– create a mockup of the overall look
– design elements for type, graphic and animated content

– if wanted, check back with a community member for important milestones

Completion / Going Live

– after all elements are designed and the content is created the video will be finalized
– the final video will be send to you whether by wetransfer or as an upload