September 2018 in Review

Mon, Oct 8, 2018 11:45 PM | 47


September 2018 in Review

Board Members: cam, Del, DustinDry1st, Moon, outboard

What We’ve Been Up To:

-Proposal “Brazilian Community” submitted. Rejected by the ACF based on lack of details and milestones, advised to edit and resubmit.

-Proposal “ARK booth and participation in BitConf Brasil” submitted. Rejected by ACF based on lack of details, steep price.

-Ongoing correspondence with Colby regarding the proposal “Crypto Designathon Competition”

-Ongoing correspondence with Djenny regarding proposal “Kingdom of Fujiwe”

-ACF begun discussions regarding relay node bounty. Moon, specifically, is currently working on a script to pay relay node operators via the ACF.