July 2018 in Review

Wed, Aug 22, 2018 12:09 AM | 11


July 2018 in Review

Board Members: cam, Charles, Del, DustinDry1st, Moon

What We’ve Been Up To:

-The new board members have been successfully onboarded and brought up to speed.

- Each board members vote is now public along with their reasoning behind their vote on the arkcommunity.fund site. There is also a timestamp of when the member voted.

- The ‘Team’ tab now has members personalized avatars.

- We’ve received 6 proposals. 3 have been rejected, 1 has been approved and funded (Ark Wingdings Font) and 2 are currently under review.

- ACF Bylaws have been drafted. The board has been in collaboration for a final draft and will go to vote for finalization soon.

- The board has conducted its due diligence in reviewing the process of the proposal ‘Kingdom of Fujiwe’ and processed the next allotted payment to the proposer.