ACF board voting & permanent advisors

Tue, Jun 5, 2018 10:25 AM | 132

Hey Ark Community,

Elections have started

Check the election page here: https://arkcommunity.fund/elec...

Board voting has started! To re-iterate, the Ark Community fund has board elections roughly every 6 months. There are 5 open slots and the community can vote on who they want to run the next board. We do take into account the weight of the wallet. We have considered different voting situations as well, but ended up with this one being most fair out of all the options. 

If you want to vote you will need to do the following:

  • Send a transaction with in the vendorfield ACF2018
  • The transaction amount is irrelevant so we advise a low amount such as 0.00000001 ARK
  • You send the transaction to the Ark Address of the candidate or candidates in the below list

cam - AV3wUEXSR26VZctMGh9ihFR2SokgHbpD6x
Charles (dutchdelegate) - Ac6XJSxiDNXjjf4mV8Xd33ENJhGDYmtLm5
Del - AXmSz926GSiYjBQok3TVjnxaUQH7QYxiKG
DustinDry1st - AYddwWZDtRP96PFZyKL7hhhPNS8v2eWuVH
Hylex - AXFMMCbfcrLS6eY551ys33edVbHt1wXSeP
Keith Richards - APc1WFKsGQMxmzKkA44nLXCmxfszvC8deg
mkmiia - AW8k8m63QV5BVsH92sgGLToyBDsQpEFoT1
Moon (biz_network) - AdVfJE2PLm1vFmknfpuKdGGDAxthyVEqjt
Neil Young - AGWEcCVkhi7aR1gAJSrQvC4wG9dfd1B8qc
outboard - AJFLDa97KJC4CWLxWTLqhhw5pwcMyWerN4
Quintin Rizek - AHNT1nXkLdojbtLu22aEunJFfFXLxoL3tH
rob - AUgkhEVAR8a4ChRiMioYaoiA1eyCGjJb1K
SuperCool - AJmyreZKaNUb43R5Txur56ZyzUesm5tDyy

We advise you to think about your vote(s), talk to candidates and understand how they can contribute.

Permanent advisors

A new development that got unanimously approved by the ACF board is the creation of 2 permanent adviser roles. Experience has thought us that it takes time to ramp up a new board. To keep the transition smooth, transfer knowledge but also contain knowledge over time the decision has been made to have 2 permanent adviser roles. It is important to know that these exist outside of the ACF board. The ACF board consists of 5 people and they work on daily operations. The permanent advisers do not have immediate voting power (there are exceptions to this in cases where a board for whatever reason is unable to obtain enough votes in a reasonable time frame. If for whatever reason we loose multiple ACF board members for example). The primary role is to preserve continuity and transfer knowledge.

The 2 advisers are Faustbrian who will focus mainly on tech knowledge transfer and continuity and Yokoama who focused more on the PR/promotion/marketing knowledge transfer and continuity.