What is the ARK Community Fund?

The ARK Community Fund (ACF) is a fund that is run by the ARK community members. It can be seen as supplemental to the core development of the ARK ecosystem. It shall support the ideas and projects of ARK community members to help promote the advancement of the ARK Ecosystem.

What is the purpose of the ARK Community Fund?

The ACF has two main purposes:

The first is to provide a possibility to those ARK community members, that would like to support the ARK Ecosystem with contributions of ARK tokens for community purposes.

Second, to provide a place for community developers to request funding, for projects to develop tools, software, or hardware which supports the ARK Ecosystem.

ACF structure

The ACF will be run by ARK community members. Every community member that would like to participate in the ACF will be able to contribute and be able to vote for projects at the pre-selection stage.

For the day-to-day operations and the final decisions of the ACF, 5 community members will be elected by the ARK community. These members will represent the management of the ACF and should act for an initial period of 6 months (to ensure the process is well established), after which a new election should take place.

If a board member leaves or decides to step down within the term then an election will take place quickly to replace that member. Before the ACF Board Members complete the initial 6-month terms, a discussion will take place with the community to look at continuous voting, as opposed to a fixed term of 6 months.

Voting will be managed through a portal (e.g. website or forum), which will also be used for Project submission/review, board elections, and project status updates.

In case a project requires some specific knowledge (e.g. technical or coding) the ACF can ask additional members of the community or the ARK crew, which have that specific knowledge, to assist the ACF in its decisions on the projects.

Any proposed changes to this paper, project templates, or the overall running structure of the ACF will be discussed with the wider community (voted if required), on agreement any changes will be made and implemented in a timely manner.

Board Member Elections/Voting – will be managed by the voter(s) sending one ark to the ACF Delegate address, the voter must ensure they complete the vendor/smartbridge field by typing in the board member’s registered name. A web page will be created to show the board member votes and a ranking, and a timer will be set for a defined election period, when the time expires, the page freezes and the results are frozen. The top 5 votes for electees will become the 5 ACF Board Members.

Supporting the ARK Community Fund

The ARK Community Fund is organized as well as funded by the community which means we need your support to keep funding new projects.

If you want to support us you can send donations to AcLmvE3fg41dJnpmAzP2tghatr8iiE2vj1